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This website is here to offer guidance and helpful information for partners and resellers. If you're interested in becoming a partner or reseller and a member of this website, then feel free to look through some of the publicly available info in the links at the top of this site and contact us to get started. If you're currently a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) or are really eager to get the ball rolling then you may wish to go ahead and answer a few questions for us and we can get started!

In today's litigious screening industry, it is important to remember that quality products are key to your success as a consumer reporting agency. We ask you to take a look at and experience for yourself the wealth of information that comes from a dedicated database company.

Data Acquisition

Many of database competitors offer only the 'low hanging fruit' and/or out-dated flat files of information. We have an entire team dedicated to uncovering new county, state, department of corrections and security sources so you and your customers have access to one of the most comprehensive criminal database available. 

Data Integrity has partnered with the largest legal firm in the country specializing in expungement services.  This partnership allows us to remove the most current expungement and order of non-disclosure records, many times before we receive them from the courts.  In addition, by sending us their orders of non-disclosure, expungement, and any other court documents relating to sealed records, our resellers play a vital role in helping improve and maintain quality records.  Users can rest assured that continually seeks new and inventive opportunities to cleanse and remove unusable records from our database.

Data Updates

The accuracy of database searches is heavily reliant on the refresh rate of the data sources that we acquire. When we receive an update file from one of our sources, we make sure that the new records are searchable within days not weeks or months.  Our partners and resellers can be confident that, unlike other methods of searching criminal data, the information returned is not stagnant and out of date.

Data Searching Technology

Even with the most extensive record set available, any search is only as strong as the query search logic tied to the data.'s search logic employs algorithms that are a key advantage which is proven in side-by-side comparisons against competing database searches.

Data Support

Your dedicated Wholesale Team at is comprised of industry leaders with the experience and qualifications necessary to assist partners and resellers in meeting the high standards set forth by their clients. Although our clients have one point of contact in form of an Account Manager, individuals from our Sales, Data Acquisition and Technical Support teams are just a phone call or email away.  Our Wholesale Team also schedules educational sessions with our partners and resellers and their sales teams in order to assist them in closing more deals and retaining their accounts.